Licensing and Usage

Several people have asked me about licensing issues, and whether it is possible to use this version of DES in a commercial or personal application. This page tries to answer that question, and also shows known places where this DES algorithm is being used.

The Javascript version of DES is based on a C version written and copyrighted by Eric Young as part of his SSL implementation. I went line by line through the C code, also following an in-depth description of the algorithm from another publication, and slowly built up the Javascript version. So as far as I am concerned the Javascript, Perl and PHP versions can be used in any way you would like, though I would like to be informed of any commercial usage. But I don't know if there are any other licensing implications. I would be very pleased if someone legally minded could tell me.

I only started doing this in August 2008 so it's not complete. Please send me any other uses you find.